Day 1 (4 December 2019, Wednesday)

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Session 1

10.30 am – 12.00 noon

Paper ID 32

Presenter: Yasaman Anisi

Title: Real Estate Smart Contracts: Security Patterns in Solidity

Paper ID 14

Presenter: Dea Astuti

Title: Optimization of Enrichment Media and Isolation Media of Thermophilic Hydrocarbonoclastic Bacteria from Oilfield for Microbial Enhanced Oil Recovery (MEOR) Applications

Paper ID 64

Presenter: Marsica Lestari

Title: Status of Ownership Rights in Inti Plasma Partnership Agreement in People’s Core Plantation

Paper ID 110

Presenter: Foo Wei Lee

Title: Forecasting of Concrete Strength During the Hardening Process by Means of Elastic Wave Method

Paper ID 73

Presenter: Wadhah A. Abdulhussain

Title: Building Long-Term Trust in a Human-Robot Collaboration for Behaviour Change Interventions

Paper ID 66

Presenter: Nitama Farsia

Title: Consumer’s Legal Protection Due to the Cancelling of Condommonium Construction Whose Sale and Purchase Agreement Already Made Before the Notary Case Study on Condomonium Units in Palembang City

Paper ID 4

Presenter: Muhammad Akmal Ahmad Saidi

Title: Effects of Graphene Oxide Content and Compatibilizers on Mechanical, Thermal Stability, and Flammability Resistance of High Impact Polystyrene Nanocomposites

Paper ID 3

Presenter: Muhammad Falaq bin Muhammad Faisal

Title: Effects of Sulphuric Acid Concentrations During Solvolysis Process on the Mechanical Properties of Recycled Carbon Fiber

Paper ID 23

Presenter: Muhammad Izzuddin Abdul Aziz

Title: Zakat and Effect of Regional Government Regulations in the Muslim Minority Area

Paper ID 55

Presenter: Wong Joon Fatt

Title: Synthesis of Wollastonite Nanofiber via Hydrothermal Reaction

Paper ID 31

Presenter: Siti Safarah Amirnuddin

Title: Compressive Behaviour of Tin Slag Polymer Concrete Confined with Carbon Fibre Rreinforced Epoxy

Paper ID 93

Presenter: Endra Susila

Title: An Environmental Clean-Up: A Small-Scale Model Aquaponic for The Polluted Citarum River in Cianjur, Indonesia

Paper ID 62

Presenter: Rahayu Rahayu

Title: Effect of Irrigation And Fertilizer on Growth of Paspalum Vaginatum at Clayey Soil and Sand Growing Media

Paper ID 72

Presenter: Mohammad Abdul Hamid

Title: The Application of Behavioural Insights to Improve Retirement Savings in Malaysia

Paper ID 25

Presenter: Nurfahmi Islami Kaffah

Title: Implementation of Sharia Compliance to Optimizing Zakat Governance in Indonesia

Session 2

2:40 pm – 3.40 pm

Paper ID 2

Presenter: Nur Khaliesah Jamadon

Title: A Colorimetric Assay to Detect Mercury (Ii) Ions In Water Sources Using Conjugated Gold Nanoparticles

Paper ID 54

Presenter: Hamim Hamim

Title: Photosynthesis and Growth Enhancement of Kemiri Sunan (Reutealis trisperma [Blanco]) in Response to Short Term Gold-Mine Tailing

Paper ID 7

Presenter: Afzan Rosli

Title: COMBI Behavioral Change Model: using Persuasive Technology for Dengue Prevention in Community

Paper ID 82

Presenter: Hasballah Zakaria

Title: Portable Blindness Detection Based on Visual Evoked Potential with Virtual Reality Stimulus

Paper ID 112

Presenter: Teddy Surya Gunawan

Title: Herbs Leaves Pattern Recognition Using Digital Microscope and Deep Learning

Paper ID 34

Presenter: Dwie Riawelly Charisma

Title: Honorary Labor Protection and Human Rights Against the Constitution of the State Civil Apparatus

Paper ID 75

Presenter: Ali S AlMejrad

Title: Design and Simulation of a Novel System to Enable a Blind Person to use an Input Device with One Key Press Using Tactile Pressure Array sensor

Paper ID 102

Presenter: Maryam Al Lubbu

Title: The Effect Of Chromium Phytoextraction on Anticancer Compound of Catharanthus roseus (L.) G. Don

Paper ID 20

Presenter: Alya Syafira

Title: Review of Law and Human Rights against the Fulfillment of the Rights of Deaf People to Obtain Sign Language Interpreters in Religious Practices in Indonesia

Session 3

3.45 pm – 5.15 pm

Paper ID 29

Presenter: Waka Jeng

Title: Semantic Query Dynamism for Cross Lingual Information Retrieval with Multi Lingual Content

Paper ID 67

Presenter: Abdul Munif

Title: Biocontrol Activity of Endophytic Fungi from Upland Rice Against Pyricularia Grisea and its Effect on the Plant Growth

Paper ID 108

Presenter: Andre Zanji Deananda

Title: Alternative Optimization of Hajj Funds by Using Sharia Mutual Funds

Paper ID 85

Presenter: Sahrim Ahmad

Title: Green Nanocomposites Based on Polylactic Acid/Liquid Natural Rubber Blends for Advanced Product Applications

Paper ID 99

Presenter: Raidi Abd Rashid

Title: Automated Okra Irrigation Using IoT

Paper ID 78

Presenter: Aniza Abu Bakar

Title: Perspective of Masjid’s Management and its Congregational Members on Children in Masjid

Paper ID 71

Presenter: Mohamed Tahir Shoani

Title: Evaluation of a Tendon Driven Soft Manipulator for Canal Irrigation Control

Paper ID 13

Presenter: Isty A Purwasena

Title: Nitrogen Optimization on Rhamnolipid Biosurfactant Production from Pseudoxanthomonas sp. G3 and Its Preservation Techniques


Paper ID 91

Presenter: Evi M. Indrawati

Title: Preparation and Characterization of Green Cincau Leaves (Premna Oblongifolia Merr) as Biofilm

Paper ID 1

Presenter: Habibu Ismail

Title: A Comparison of Selected Hydrological Models for Prediction of Streamflow at Bernam River Basin Malaysia

Paper ID 42

Presenter: Raihan A Kadir

Title: Motion Analysis of Articulated Upper Body Mannequin for Exoskeleton Applications

Paper ID 22

Presenter: Devi N Choesin

Title: Teaching General Environmental Science in ASEAN Universities: the Importance of Topic Relevance and Local Context

Paper ID 111

Presenter: Kok Zee Kwong

Title: Physical and Chemical Properties of Concrete With Biomass Clinker as Partial Replacement of Cement

Paper ID 76

Presenter: Elfahmi

Title: Improvement the Quality of Jamu Product as Antidiabetes, in Contribution For Health

Paper ID 84

Presenter: Nur Rahmah Binti Zulkifli

Title: Exploring User Principles in Gamification Application Development for Low Cognitive Users